September 25, 2007

Flash Drive Memory Boosts Up Your Windows XP Performance

MDO today announces the development completion of its new product, eBoostrTM, and the opening of the closed beta testing stage. MDO welcomes everyone who wishes to take part in closed beta testing to file the application at

eBoostrTM allows you to use an additional drive (flash memory or hard disk) as another layer of performance-boosting cache for your Windows XP®. There is no need to purchase a Vista upgrade to get the benefits of the Vista’s ReadyBoost® technology. With the newly developed eBoostrTM, the booting of your OS and applications startup get much faster thanks to the smart caching mechanism. More applications are able to run without accessing the slow hard drive.

The product shows the best results for frequently used applications and data, which becomes a great feature for people who are using office programs, graphics applications or developer tools. eBoostrTM is an efficient, money-saving and technically easiest solution to the problem of insufficient RAM or slow hard disks. It’ll surely attract a special attention of laptop owners as laptop upgrade is usually more complicated and laptop hard drives are by definition slower than those of
desktops. eBoostrTM not only brings to Windows XP® users everything one can find in ReadyBoost, but also overcomes its functionality by allowing you to use up to 4 cache devices simultaneously and is not limited to USB flash drives only.

With eBoostrTM, all you need to boost your computer performance: is plug in a flash drive, choose it as a device to speed up your computer and set the amount of this flash drive’s memory space to be used. eBoostrTM is an extremely easy way to make your computer work faster!

eBoostrTM Main Features:

  • Vista’s ReadyBoost benefits on your Windows XP® machine;
  • Smart caches frequently used applications and files for maximum performance speed up;
  • Supports both USB and non-USB removable media devices, as well as additional hard disks;
  • Allows up to 4 devices for simultaneous smart caching;
  • Compatible with all ReadyBoost® ready devices.

About MDO

MDO (Moscow Development Office) was founded in 1994 and since then through creative work of its team of developers has gained a stable position in the field of software and internet development, as well as high acclaim from users all over the world for its digital photography product line, FirmTools. Its new product, eBoostrTM, was developed by the company division organized specially for this project. For more information about the company and products, visit

(*) eBoostrTM is a trademark of MDO Ltd. Windows XP®, Windows Vista®, ReadyBoost® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Any other trademarks or service marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.


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