Version 2.0.2 is available

August 8th, 2008 | News

This update features some new functionality as well as important compatibility update with some of the latest video card drivers. In addition two new translations were added: Croatian and Macedonian.

If you are using cache in RAM and have a modern video card we recommend you to download version 2.0.2 and upgrade your installation.

What’s new in this version

Here goes a quick list of the additional features with more details below:

  • RAM cache can be temporary disabled to free memory new
  • Device context menu allows you to eject flash drives new
  • Cache devices status icons new
  • RAM cache compatibility with some of the newest video card drivers update
  • 2 new languages added: Croatian and Macedonian.

Quick device operations

Each cache device has a context menu available by right-clicking on the icon. Using these menu you can quickly disable this device (for example to test the performance using other device enabled, or to free memory in case of cache in RAM) or eject the flash device in order to unplug it and remove safely.

Flash drive can be ejected to safely remove

Flash drive can be ejected to safely remove

Disable RAM cache to free some memory

Disable RAM cache to free some memory

Device status icons

We have added new status icons for all cache devices listed in the eBoostr Control Panel to clearly present the state of the drive.

Device is fully configured, active and is operating fine.
Device is inactive either due to an error, or cache file is not built yet or is building now.
Device is disabled. In order to enable it, please right-click on the icon and select the Enable menu option.

P.S. 08/08/08! Nice date to release an update :)