eBoostr Version 4 Released!

21 April 2010 | News |

It’s finally here! New eBoostr 4 enhances the performance of your PC even more due to number of new features.

Hidden system memory use on Windows 32 bit OS and cache encryption allow you to use your PC resources more efficiently. Completely redesigned cache configuration and fully automatic configuration wizard makes the process much easier and faster.

More information on upgrade: http://www.eboostr.com/why_upgrade.html.

Announcing Version 4 Beta

1 September 2009 | News |

We are pleased to announce the public beta of eBoostr version 4. The program is scheduled to run until November 1st. As usual the most active beta test members and bug reporters will receive a free license for the product.

What’s new in beta version 4?

Use hidden system memory for caching

The main new feature of this version is an ability to directly use “unmanaged” system memory to cache you files. eBoostr overcomes Windows 32-bit system limitation and can utilize hidden memory above ~3.25 GB limit.

Overcome Windows 32 bit limits and use your full amount of RAM

Redesigned cache configuration

Another major new feature is a complete cache configuration flow re-design. Now you can manage and configure all your cache devices, cache file sizes (including quick resize) with an easy one-step procedure.

Hidden memory available on a 8GB machine with Windows 7 system

More updates to follow

There are still some new functionality in development that will be featured in the next Beta version update releases, including:

  • optional cache contents encryption;
  • flash memory use speed improvements (especially USB flash drives and SSD);
  • and more…

We invite you to evaluate upcoming release of the new version 4

eBoostr Version 3 released

28 January 2009 | News |

We are pleased to announce the availability of the new version 3. The new features of eBoostr 3 include an enhanced interface to select applications of your choice to give them more performance.

eBoostr 3 introduces a great number of enhancements, including:

  • Full Windows Vista and Windows 7 compatibility;
  • Dramatically increased RAM and flash devices cache speed;
  • An advanced cache/statistics viewer.

Windows Vista Support

The feedback provided by more than 2000 beta testers during the Beta Program showed a visible and significant increase in performance on Windows Vista regardless of the amount of memory (RAM) installed. Many reports included that eBoostr performs even better than ReadyBoost.

eBoostr Control Panel on Vista

eBoostr Control Panel on Vista

Better Performance and More Accurate Statistics

Several improvements in load balancing mechanism, read requests parallelization in the new version optimize a hard disk and cache devices load leading to higher overall read speed and better performance. New “flood control” feature detects massive file read requests from an antivirus, anti-malware scans, local computer search utilities etc., and effectively discards them from the working statistics. This ensures that the cache contents will have an optimal state and no space will be wasted with unneeded files or data.

Applications Priority

Now you can decide which applications you’d like to be loaded into the cache for more acceleration. To give a priority for an application of your choice just drag-and-drop it from the list of detected apps or drag-and-drop an application shortcut from your desktop or start menu into the accelerated applications list.

Select applications to accelerate

Select applications to accelerate

Device Types Supported in Version 3

  • USB thumb flash drives (ReadyBoost® Enhanced recommended);
  • flash memory cards (CF, SD, SDHC, MMC etc);
  • direct RAM cache or RAM disks;
  • Intel® Turbo Memory (Windows Vista® only);
  • Solid-state drives (SSD);
  • As well as additional hard disks.

Download the new version 3 now!

eBoostr Hits One Year Anniversary

12 November 2008 | News |

To celebrate our 1st anniversary we invite you to take advantage of our special limited time offer. Order by Nov. 21 and get 20% off the purchase. That’s not all–we encourage you to try our new version 3–the fastest eBoostr version ever.

Announcing Beta of eBoostr 3

12 November 2008 | News |

Announcing eBoostr version 3 Public Beta Test

The new version 3 now works on Windows Vista and you may be wondering whether you need it if you have ReadyBoost and SuperFetch already. eBoostr functionality differs from them both and can be used as an additional performance boosting solution. RAM cache is much faster compared to Windows system cache (see below.) eBoostr does not operates with pagefile (as ReadyBoost does)in any way–it caches all most frequently accessed data and files on your flash devices. You will notice a speed increase even if you have a plenty of RAM and a super fast processor installed. Check it out yourself.

A detailed list of changes you can find at the bottom of the page and here is a quick summary:

  • Full Windows Vista compatibility; new
  • Greatly increased RAM and flash drives cache speed;
  • Applications priority list; new
  • An advanced cache/statistics viewer. new


Vista screenshot

Vista screenshot

Application priority

Now you decide which applications you’d like to give more boost. Just drag-and-drop the needed application from the list of found apps or drag-and-drop a shortcut to it from your desktop or start menu.

Applications priority

Applications priority

More speed from cache devices

Due to the improvements in load balancing mechanism, splitting and paralleling read requests you will get more speed compared to version 2. Both your hard disk and flash cache device will work with optimal load and better overall read speed.

RAM cache now works much faster due to the use of a special FastIO mode. Here is a sample graph (X-axis is the read chunks size in KBs, Y-axis is the read speed in MBs):

Windows cache VS eBoostr memory cache

Windows cache VS eBoostr memory cache

Full list of changes

  • Chkdsk not running on boot in case of RAM cache fixed;
  • U3 system enabled flash drives incompatibility fixed;
  • Drives/disks with unassigned letters can now be used as cache devices;
  • Application priority list feature added;
  • Automatic antivirus software and various indexing applications scans are now detected and ignored in file read statistics;
  • Full Windows Vista and Server 2008 compatibility;
  • Expanded statistics on cache contents and applications added;
  • Build cache now uses non-cached write operations (no more “Windows delayed write failed” errors);
  • You’ll get stable and consistent cache device speed values now (due to the previous change);
  • Speed check procedure is now limited in time (20 seconds per each phase) to prevent very-very-very long tests in case of a slow HDD;
  • Flash devices cache speed increased (better load balancing, split and parallel reads);
  • RAM cache speed increased (makes use of FastIO mode);
  • Less overall system load in eBoostr components added (removed requests for opening file handles, performance counters use removed, page faults reduced);
  • Tons of minor bug fixes

Join the eBoostr Beta Program now!

Version 2.0.2 is available

8 August 2008 | News |

This update features some new functionality as well as important compatibility update with some of the latest video card drivers. In addition two new translations were added: Croatian and Macedonian.

If you are using cache in RAM and have a modern video card we recommend you to download version 2.0.2 and upgrade your installation.

What’s new in this version

Here goes a quick list of the additional features with more details below:

  • RAM cache can be temporary disabled to free memory new
  • Device context menu allows you to eject flash drives new
  • Cache devices status icons new
  • RAM cache compatibility with some of the newest video card drivers update
  • 2 new languages added: Croatian and Macedonian.

Quick device operations

Each cache device has a context menu available by right-clicking on the icon. Using these menu you can quickly disable this device (for example to test the performance using other device enabled, or to free memory in case of cache in RAM) or eject the flash device in order to unplug it and remove safely.

Flash drive can be ejected to safely remove

Flash drive can be ejected to safely remove

Disable RAM cache to free some memory

Disable RAM cache to free some memory

Device status icons

We have added new status icons for all cache devices listed in the eBoostr Control Panel to clearly present the state of the drive.

Device is fully configured, active and is operating fine.
Device is inactive either due to an error, or cache file is not built yet or is building now.
Device is disabled. In order to enable it, please right-click on the icon and select the Enable menu option.

P.S. 08/08/08! Nice date to release an update :)

eBoostr 2.0.1 Update

30 April 2008 | News |

eBoostr 2.0.1 addresses issues related to the compatibility and overall stability of eBoostr 2. The update includes fixes that impact the following areas: upgrade installation, automatic rebuild process and compatibility with other software packages. The eBoostr 2.0.1 Update is highly recommended for all eBoostr users.

eBoostr Version 2 Released

16 April 2008 | News |

We are very pleased to announce the availability of the eBoostr version 2. This major update has three brand new features, tons of improvements and compatibility fixes. We urge you to try this more stable and powerful tool to speed up your Windows performance.

What’s new in this version

Here goes a quick list of the additional features with more details below:

  • Memory caching (if you have plenty of RAM installed);
  • Exclude list (the most requested feature);
  • Power saving mode;
  • More than 4GB cache file size (on NTFS file system only);
  • One flash drive use on different computers;
  • Unlimited number of files in cache;
  • Build cache process improvement (including initial statistics used from XP prefetch information);
  • Load balancing mechanism improvements;
  • And many small fixes and enhancements;
  • And finally 16 new languages added: Portuguese, Ukrainian, Finnish, Czech, Danish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Polish, Korean, Swedish, Sinhalese, Lithuanian, Arabic, Belarusian, Japanese and Thai.

Memory Cache

If you have more than 1GB of RAM installed you can use some part of it to place a cache file. Computer RAM has an extremely high read speed and a zero seek times–thus you can get up to 50x higher overall random read speed. We do not recommend you to leave less than 1GB of RAM available to the system after adding a cache. However you can try this on your configuration, may be your applications installed will be comfortable with the amount you leave.

Control Panel screenshot with RAM cache enabled
Adding RAM cache

Exclude List

There were numerous requests for this feature. Now you are able to specify any location or a file mask to be excluded from caching by eBoostr. Be careful with this feature! If you exclude the “C:\” location, then all files located on this drive will not be cached–thus none of the system files or applications.

Exclude list menu option
Exclude list settings dialog

Power Save Mode

Battery saving modeThis feature is very useful for notebook owners. When your laptop is on battery power, eBoostr will automatically go into Power Save Mode. This mode disables an automatic cache rebuild and redirects all file requests to cache devices. Flash drives consume much less power compared to “power hungry” hard disk, increasing your battery life time.

Download your free fully-functional trial version now!

If you are upgrading from the previous version installation, please use the Help / Check for Updates… menu option.

New Version 1.1

18 December 2007 | News |

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade eBoostr™ as soon as possible. The new version fixes incompatibility with some other software packages. Please rebuild cache after the installation.

What’s new in this release:

  • Fixed incompatibility issues with some other software packages
  • Load balancing mechanism improved
  • Cache build process speed improved
  • 8 new languages added: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Esperanto, French, Hebrew, Norwegian, Portuguese (Brazil) and Serbian

You can download the new version from the following page or using the Check Updates… menu option.

Christmas Specials

2 December 2007 | News |

Order by December 31th and receive an additional FREE year of upgrades and technical support. Order Now to save 30%.